Music 4 Peace feat. Russell Simmons and Dr. Arun Gandhi at Sundance Film Festival

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Music 4 Peace Initiative at Sundance Film Festival with Russell Simmons and Dr. Arun Gandhi.
The Music 4 Peace press conference at Sundance Film Festival was featuring: Russell Simmons, Dr. Arun Gandhi, civil rights leader Dr. Ben Chavis, Goodwill Ambassador Baroness Kimberly Moore and others.
It was a kind of a miracle that we was able to bring all this people together to join the Music 4 Peace project.
The resonance in the Media was very welcoming...

Music 4 Peace is a "global Initiative created with the intent to arise social change by uniting people through the universal language of music." (T. Huber)

"We’re excited about the potential these diverse organizations have in coming together to harness music as a transformative and unifying power to promote peace throughout the world" (Russell Simmons)

The Music 4 Peace Tour Initiative is a coalition of organizations and non-profits who have banded together to help bring “peace and harmony” to our world. Through the universal language of music and their respective and collective visions and purposes, the Music 4 Peace Tour will make a difference in todays violent world. Humanitarian charities will be campaign recipients. With the Music 4 Peace Tour, we bring the hope that one day we will be able to transform our violent history and we create a platform for the youth and give them the possibility to raise awareness that non-violence is something functional and not just a fun dream. It is possible to be the change we want to see in this world.